Paint Correction

& Ceramic Coating 

Paint Correction

➢ Thorough Hand Wash

➢ Chemical Paint Decontamination 

➢ Clay Bar of the entire paint surface 

1 Step polish removal of swirls and light scratches

2 Step polishing available to remove heavier scratches and paint imperfections 

SiO2 Paint Sealer

➢ Protects your paintwork

Easy maintenance coating

Deep gloss shine 

Slick surface feel 

➢ 6-12 month protection with proper care

➢ Can be applied with or without paint correction (1 Step polish recommended for best results)

Ceramic Coating

➢ Protects your paintwork

➢ Low maintenance coating

➢ Easier maintenance and washes 

➢ Extreme gloss shine 

➢ UV Protection

➢ 12+ Month Protection

Available with deposit